Evan McIntosh

Evan McIntosh is an Atlanta-based cameraman, digital imaging technician, sound mixer, editor, and owner of McIntosh Productions LLC.

Evan's interest in media arose following the 1989 Hunstville, AL tornado, which hit too close to home. He became interested in broadcast meteorology, even winning best-of-show in the county science fair for a project on weather instrumentation. In high school he began his trek into broadcast journalism, and found a new love-–production. Following a stint in broadcast news, he traveled to Africa to film and edit episodes of two wildlife series, Jim Fowler's Life in the Wild and Keeping it Wild.

Some of Evan's more recent shooting projects include commercials, television series, feature documentary, and numerous projects for corporate clients. He has edited over a hundred programs for HGTV, Speed Channel, and PBS. As a soundman, McIntosh regularly records audio for commercials and television programs.

Evan's broad craftsmanship gives him a unique understanding of the production process. With his eager, can-do attitude, he brings great value to his clients and their projects.