Davinci Resolve


Davinci Resolve natively supports color correction of all major formats...with grades playing at full frame rate in real time. Resolve has one of the richest toolsets in the industry, and we bring that unprecedented power to you—affordably.

The color correction system at McIntosh Productions is equipped with:

  • Davinci Resolve v8 with Avid MXF support
  • 2 x Red Rocket cards for realtime EPIC playback
  • Supports Red, EPIC, ALEXA, Phantom, Canon DSLRs, Avid, and FCP formats
  • Multiple GPUs for realtime playback of nearly any possible grade!
  • Supports HDRx high dynamic range imagery generated by EPIC
  • Blackmagic Ultrascope waveform/vectorscope
  • Flanders Scientific LM-2470 Grade 1 LED-backlit monitor -- regularly calibrated
  • 58" Panasonic 12-series Plasma
  • Tangent Wave Panel


Digital Dailies and Color Correction

Constantly Evolving

Today's camera systems and workflows are always advancing. New formats are often being introduced, and great advances in image quality not uncommon. Edit systems don't always keep up, so the hard part is being able to leverage the latest and greatest without breaking the bank.

We support high-end, no compromise workflows for Red, EPIC, and ALEXA. We offer color corrected dailies so your edits sessions are spent editing, not transcoding or fussing with look up tables (LUTs). When the edit is done, we can complete all conforming work and final color correction in house.

We offer fast turnarounds of dailies. For Red and EPIC files, our streamlined pipeline built around RedCine-X, Red Rocket, and Davinci Resolve permits near-realtime layback to common edit formats, such as Prores or DNxHD. ALEXA's log-encoded Prores images offer tremendous latitude in post but aren't pleasant to look at straight out of the camera. We can bake-in a LUT or scene-to-scene corrections and generate edit-friendly files with identical filenames and timecode. It's all about making the dailies look good, so your edits look great!

Time lapse sequence processing is another specialty. We offer advanced processing methods that leverage the power inherent in raw camera files.

Because tight deadlines are a certainty, we also offer mobile services with even faster turnaround. We have Davinci Resolve ready to roll on our DIT cart, offering immediate transcoding and color timing right on set.

More info on our mobile services