Amigos for Christ

Produced by McIntosh Productions. DP: Evan McIntosh

Circle K

Produced by Justin Lee/JBL Communications. Directed by Chris Ott.

Coca-Cola Glassware at McDonalds

Produced by Craig Miller Productions

United Way Campaign

Produced by Craig Miller Productions



Simple Living (PBS)
Jim Fowler's Life in the Wild
Keeping it Wild

D-Day: Down to Earth (PBS)
United Way
Amigos for Christ

Commercials and Industrials:
Circle K
Elan Home Automation
The Coca-Cola Company
Delta Air Lines
Blue Cross Blue Shield
United Way

Time Lapse:
The World of Coca-Cola
World Wrestling Entertainment
US Army

Evan McIntosh: Director of Photography

Evan loves being behind the camera, finding something invigorating about approaching scenes and telling visual stories. Having worked all over the world, he brings a keen sense of place to his work. His well-rounded experience produces results, even in the toughest of circumstances.

As the owner of many different camera systems, Evan knows the right tools for the job, which can be ready at a moment's notice.