ARRI/Zeiss Ultra Primes
10mm T2.1
16mm T1.9
24mm T1.9
32mm T1.9
50mm T1.9
85mm T1.9
135mm T1.9


Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm T2.8
Cooke 20-100 T3.1


Oconnor 2575
Standard Legs
Baby Legs
Hi Hat

Sachtler 20SB system

ARRI FF4 follow focus
Bartech Wireless Focus device

IDX Camwave wireless HD video (no delay)

ARRI MB-14 studio mattebox
ARRI LMB-4 Lightweight mattebox
ARRI LMB-5 Lightweight mattebox

Anton Bauer Dionic 90, HC, and 160 batteries
Anton Bauer Quad TM4 and 2702 chargers

4 x 128GB RedMag SSDs
2 x 256GB RedMag SSDs
RED Stations for 1.8" SSD media

26" Panasonic BT-LH2550 monitor
17" Panasonic BT-LH1760 monitor
17" Panasonic BT-LH1710 monitor
8.4" Panasonic BT-LH900A monitor
7" TV Logic monitor

4" Original Slider

EPIC - The best digital cinema camera in the world
is now the smallest.

We are simply blown away by this camera...especially in the one category that matters most: image quality. Skin tones look completely natural. It captures exceptional dynamic range, resolution, and smooth filmic images that are simply breathtaking.

Key Features

Small Form Factor
One word to describe the form factor of this camera: tiny. It's lightweight at only five pounds and opens up a world of possibilities for unparalled image quality in a small package.
Slow Motion
120 frames per second in 5K resolution. 300 frames per second in 2K!
High Resolution
The 14 Megapixel sensor yields up to 5120x2700 pixels. That means future-proof image aquisition.
Dynamic Range
13.5 stops of native dynamic range, which can be extended to 18 with HDRx!
SSD Media
New class of media available in 128 and 256GB capacities. No risk of dropped frames. The flash magazines are small and FAST for recording high frame rates and so you're not waiting on downloads.
You may be familiar with the flexiblity afforded by shooting RAW on your still camera. Now you can shoot raw video to unleash an amazing palette for color correction.

Nothing Else Like It

With it's unparalled image quality, high frame rates, high dynamic range, and diminutive form factor, this camera excels in commercial, narrative and documentary genres.

Easy post workflow

McIntosh Productions is committed to making post production simple with all the latest digital cinema cameras. Our Davinci Resolve system supported EPIC from day one...and now supports HDRx. EPIC footage can be rendered in real time to native Avid and Final Cut Pro formats. As part of the process, we can perform color corrections to make sure the footage looks superb.