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For this feature length documentary, produced by Crazy Legs Productions and Unify Films in association with CARE, Evan McIntosh traveled to Vietnam, Mali, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. For the documentary, which was finished in 5.1 surround sound, he acquired mid-side stereo tracks for dynamic, full sound. The project was recorded to a Sound Devices 744t recorder with a digital wireless link to the camera. Because the dialogue consisted of three different foreign languages, McIntosh facilitated real-time translation so everyone—including the director, cameraman, and eventually the editor—could hear translations in real-time. This enabled the crew to delve much deeper into the storyline as it unfolded.

A Powerful Noise debuted at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival. It was also broadcast to theatres nationwide for a one-night-only special event in 2009.


A Powerful Noise - Feature documentary, 2008
Falling Up - Feature Film, 2010

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Living Artfully with Thomas Arvid (pilot)
Art in the Twenty-First Century (PBS) Comcast Student Voices: Civil Rights

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Location Sound

Sound is half the experience

McIntosh Productions offers the finest location sound gear available and the expertise to record the highest quality sound possible. We specialize in commercials and documentary sound and appreciate that there is often only one chance to get it right.

We always record dual system to ensure tracks sound as good as possible, and so the audio in your project is not limited to the substandard fidelity found on most cameras. Practicality is key too: often Evan will use a digital wireless link to the camera to break the wired tether and open up freedom of movement for himself and the cameraman.

From Post MagazineJanuary, 2009

"Despite the challenges of being shot in Vietnam, Bosnia and Mali, the documentary A Powerful Noise (www.apowerfulnoise.org), did not pose the expected location sound problems for Greg Crawford, senior sound designer/audio manager at Crawford Post Production (www.crawfordpost.com), a division of Crawford Communications in Atlanta. “Sound recordist Evan McIntosh did an extraordinary job given the circumstances — run ‘n’ gun on the streets, in hospitals — there’s not a studio shot to be found,” he notes.

A documentary about women changing the world, A Powerful Noise was executive produced by Sheila C. Johnson in partnership with the humanitarian organization CARE. It was produced and directed by Scott Thigpen and Tom Cappello, respectively, who weave together the stories of three women on three continents — an HIV-positive widow in Vietnam, a survivor of the Bosnian war, and a slum worker in Mali — and examine their daily challenges and significant victories over poverty and oppression.

“A lot of times indie filmmakers don’t call us until they need something fixed or are looking for a post house,” Crawford reports. “We had contact with Evan before he left the country and got on the same page, and it paid off for everyone.”

McIntosh recorded dual system, and his tracks had no distortion whatsoever, “which is very uncommon in indie features and docs today,” says Crawford. Some locations proved “completely impossible to record in,” however, requiring Crawford to deploy some Pro Tools noise reduction plug-ins for clean up."