Featured: NBA on TNT

25 cities. 37,000 miles. 20 terabytes of footage. This project was truly epic. Jordan McMonagle and Evan McIntosh crisscrossed the United States with Director Drew Watkins to produce time lapse portraits of NBA cities for NBA on TNT broadcasts.

Time Lapse


Time lapse cinematographers Jordan McMonagle and Evan McIntosh work together to bring stunning time lapse imagery to life.

We use a combination of Canon 1D, 5D Mark II, and 7D cameras shooting raw, high-resolution stills to produce extremely high-quality sequences that have a high degree of flexibility in post.

We are innovators in the time lapse field including pioneering new high dynamic range capture techniques.


Motion Control: Featuring CamBlock

Three axes of movement: pan, tilt, and dolly. 20 feet of dolly track. The system is portable and packed to fly.

The CamBlock system enables a new paradigm in time lapse photography. Moving the camera in three-dimensions over the course of hours adds a world of interesting possibilities. The handheld controller includes advanced software for programming repeatable moves with a keyframe-based timeline.

The system even has an interleaved mode to shoot two moving shots at the same time. CamBlock also supports photography of stop motion animation sequences.

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